Remote Site Monitoring and

Repeater Control Systems


The SRS CommServer Embedded Linux Option Now In Beta

Based on the popular BeagleBone CPU board running the Debian and Ubuntu Linux distribution.

The CommServer host adapter boards are available for beta customers.  If you are interested, drop us an email and we will get a CommServer board.





Repeater Controllers

Site Monitoring and Control Systems

Site Controllers


Sierra Radio Systems site controllers are used to monitor and control remote radio and equipment sites.  Applications include monitoring repeater systems, broadcast equipment, wireless ISP installations, paging equipment and solar power infrastructure.  

These control systems are internet enabled for remote access or connected to Sierra Radio repeater control systems for control through a radio network.  

These systems are used to monitor key “vital signs” at remote sites including RF power, temperature, voltage, current and switch closures.  Systems can also control RF relays, small signal relays, high power relays and AC circuits.

S200 1-8 Port Repeater Control System

CommServer - Embedded Linux Platform

The Sierra Repeater Controller is the worlds first commercial quality repeater control system featuring a modular and expandable open source linux computing platform.  

The CommServer’s built in apps include voice telemetry, remote access and integration with radio site monitoring and control equipment.  Built on the Ubuntu linux operating system, the CommServer software is provided as open source allowing users to modify and expand it’s functionality.  

The combination of mission-critical repeater control functions running on dedicated real time microcontrollers and high level features implemented on the optional Linux CPU, the SRS Repeater Control system provides the best of both worlds.

High reliability and user programmability.



1 Ghz ARM CPU  -  512 MB RAM

2 Gb Flash  -  SD Card

Ethernet  -  SPI / I2C


Debian & Ubuntu Linux

Remote Coax Relay


Remote control RF relay.  This is a single pole, double throw coaxial relay that is controlled by the serial port.  Multiple coax relays can be connected by a single daisy-chain cable.  Each relay is individually addresed.

Rack Mount


RadioRouter - 4-8 Port Active Audio Mixer & Speaker Amp


The RadioRouter takes up to 8 speaker level audio sources and mixes them into a single audio stream.  The audio output is available as headphone level or speaker level.  The built in 10 watt audio amp can drive any external speaker.  Individual audio channels can be controlled on / off through the serial port.